Under the Bar was opened in March of 2012 by Lee and Sara.  After years of disheartening commercial gym experiences, it was time to build our own facility.  From day one we vowed to eliminate all the things we hated about commercial gyms and create a supportive environment for anyone to train in.   


Who is UTB for ?

We welcome anyone that values their workouts and wants to get better in whatever sport they choose.  From the elite powerlifter, the soccer mom working on her swimsuit body, to the grandmother needing to gain strength for a better quality of life.

Do I have to compete ?

Not everyone here competes, but it is encouraged.  Setting a date for competition makes you push yourself towards a goal.  Whether it’s to walk a 5K, complete a tough mudder, or squat 1000 pounds having that goal will help hold you accountable.

I heard the membership is private ?

NO, we are open to the public and always welcome likeminded hard working people. 

There are 3 ways to join UTB 1) Referral from a current member 2) Invitation 3) Interview (We simply screen everyone without a referral to ensure we maintain a quality membership base.)